Why Classic?
Start here to get the lowdown on Etherum Classic's reason for being and unique value proposition
Further reading on the foundations that underpin ETC
Practical tutorials and walkthroughs for interacting with the network in a number of ways
A collection of videos and podcasts to keep you informed on ETC concepts and happenings

Network Tools

This section contains a selection of tools and resources for inspecting and interacting with the ETC Stake network.

ETC Stake mainnet is an Ethereum Virtual Proof of Work blockchain, using the ETCHash algorithm (a modification of ETHash), with a Chain ID of 61.

If you are looking to run your an ETC Client, you can find more information in the Development section.

RPC Endpoints
Public and private services for communicating with to the ETC network
Blockchain Explorers
Tools to inspect the chain for transactions, blocks, and other insights
Network Monitors
Tools for checking the health and status of the network with vairious metrics
Add ETC to MetaMask
The ETC community is active on Discord
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