Why Classic?
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Further reading on the foundations that underpin ETC
Practical tutorials and walkthroughs for interacting with the network in a number of ways
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Knowledge Base

ETC Stake, despite having no central organizing committee, has managed to attract many kinds of participants at various points in time who have come and gone and all contributed and shaped it in their own way. ETC's greatest strength lies in its philosophy and principles, which can be spread even without billions of dollars of marketing because their value is self-evident, and bright minds gravitate toward them.

There is no way to compete traditionally with a billion dollar budget VC-backed blockchain in the short term. Those projects are sure to attract immediate attention, but this reliance on centralized funding and direction comes at the price of long term sustainability.

As the good word of ETC Stake is spread, and people get deeper into understanding the true value of blockchains, ETC is going to keep delivering on the Original Ethereum Vision of "Build Unstoppable Applications" and will become quietly, steadily but inevitably more useful and valuable, without a central budget in sight.

This section contains a selection of contributions from community members that feed into the source of ETC's strength, by providing intel and philosophical ordnance that can be deployed in the battle of winning hearts and minds.

The core principles that form ETC's solid philosophical base
Theory & Research
A deeper dive into the logic of ETC Stake with pieces from the community
Investor Resources
Information about the value proposion of Ethereum Classic and it's potential for sick gains
Protocol Upgrades
A chronicling of past and future Hard Forks that have added functionality or bugfixes to ETC
Classic History
A timeline of all of the major events in Ethereum Classics up to the present day
Future Classic
An overview of the decision making process in ETC, and where it might lead the protocol
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