Why Classic?
Start here to get the lowdown on Etherum Classic's reason for being and unique value proposition
Further reading on the foundations that underpin ETC
Practical tutorials and walkthroughs for interacting with the network in a number of ways
A collection of videos and podcasts to keep you informed on ETC concepts and happenings

Guides & Tutorials

ETC Stake, being technologically very similar to Ethereum, shares a body of work in user guides, tutorials and walkthroughs that apply to both chains. As far as the protocol goes, everything that you can do on Ethereum can be done in pretty much the same way on ETC Stake, which is why the community guides on Ethereum.org are highly recommended reading.

To supplement this, this section contains ETC Stake specific materials, covering everything from the basics, to guides for general user, and tutorials for developers.

The Basics
FAQs and Video explainers covering Blockchain and ETC 101
Using MetaMask with ETC
How to configure MetaMask and alternatives to interact with dapps
Developer Guides
A collection of turorials on how to build dapps on ETC Stake
Add ETC to MetaMask
The ETC community is active on Discord
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