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ETC Community

ETC Stake is something far more than just some lines of code.

Those lines of code that define the ETC Stake protocol have a magical property that, thanks to economic incentives and game theory, enable otherwise totally unrelated individuals to come together and organize far more effectively, peacefully and powerfully than any other organizational structure known today.

Limited not by geography, united in vision, and armed with the most powerful techno-socio-economic tools ever invented, they have the potential to revolutionize the world on a global scale.

ETC Stake does not just enable, but consists of its community; a highly decentralized, diverse, multi-talented and dedicated collection of individuals and groups from all over the planet. Their mission is to spread the good word of Classic and reinforce its pool of talent so that together, we can upgrade the systems of the world.

Whoever you are, and whatever your skills, you are welcome to join us.

Social Media Channels
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